Why Advertise in The Archer

The only effective local newspaper

The Archer is the only newspaper whose editorial content concentrates upon events and issues in East Finchley. It is the only newspaper which has any significant editorial content involving East Finchley at all. The Archer has a justified reputation for the quality of its editorial content, and is known for supporting and indeed being part of the East Finchley community. Editorial content is what attracts readers, in this case local readers, and readers are potential customers, in this local customers.

Run Entirely by Volunteers

The Archer is run entirely by volunteers; this means nobody in the team is paid and there is only as much advertising as we need to cover the expenses of The Archer, principally the cost of the print run. So advertising and editorial are mixed throughout the paper, and the eye of the reader is drawn to the advertising, while reading the articles, unlike the usual local papers, where page after page is completely covered with advertising, much of it in small, densely packed type. The Archer has a policy of a maximum of 25% advertising to 75% content. Most local papers are typically 75% advertising to 25% content. While The Archer is a small paper, it is fully read, unlike the larger papers.

Quotes from Advertisers

"I am very pleased with the response to my advert in The Archer. It has been essential to the success of my new venture."

"I have been told by people in East Finchley that advertising in The Archer gives a good return on the money spent."

"I am keen to advertise in The Archer, as it has a reputation for actually being read, not just discarded."